About Us

CHEVY ROSE: CEO & MOTHER OF 3 Chevy Rose is the founder and CEO of Rose_Wash. The mother of 3 is a Licensed Vocational Nurse who was born in New york raised in Florida and now currently living in Texas. Chevy have been through ups and downs. Struggled being a single mom and trying to make ends meet. Chevy knew she needed a better life for her kids and ended up going to nursing school which she always loved but was scared to go through with it. For her graduation pictures Chevy used a certain type of lace glue that she was unaware of being allergic to it. Her forehead was covered in in big and little pus filled bumps that had to be treated by a doctor. It left a nasty scar that made her get on her creative side and want to learn more about the skin and how to take care of it. You can't even tell it's happened to her now! After figuring out what her face needed she went on to try to figure out other parts of the body and its needs. She has created two most popular products the Rose mist and the Rose mist wipes. They're her top sellers that will leave the feminine area feeling refreshed and so clean. She wants everyone to feel confident again with the skin they're living in. "We are judged in so many ways and I would like to help make it be less" Don't think she has forgotten about our men more products, they are being produced so be on the look out for those! Rose_Wash new products for the immune system that will cleanse the body inside out coming soon!!!